Xbox Announces Game Pass

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    Microsoft has announced a new Netflix-style game subscription service on Xbox One. The service launching this spring boasts a launch line up of over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles available to download. The service is not very different to the already available EA Access service. However, unlike EA Access a benefit of the Xbox Game Pass will be the ability to download and play a variety of games from various publishers without the cost of a full purchase.

    The price point of this service has been quoted as $9.99 in the US which will either translate to £9.99 or more likely around £7.99 in the UK. An added benefit of the service will be the ability to purchase add-ons and other DLC such as a season pass for 10% discount on the store price. You will also be able to purchase titles you enjoy for a 20% discount as long as they are in the catalogue.

    More information is available on the Xbox website here:
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