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  1. We've had a few applications for people to host a variety of game names, tournaments and eSports events. Below, you can see who has been appointed to which position. Congratulations to all!

    Ghost Recon Operations Coordinators: @Michael Milton @The True Shep
    Rainbow Six Operations Coordinator: @Michael Milton @Typhon49
    Rocket League Operations Coordinator: @Termy
    Internal Competitions Manager: @Scottish Wolf
    Rainbow Six eSports Manager: @Typhon49

    Your Directors have also taken on a couple of roles:
    Media Manager: @The Green One (Streaming & Videos)
    News Team Manager: @Ricco (Game & Console News)
    Technical Manager: @MarineLukeH (Website Maintenance)

    We still have a few positions open for people to apply:
    Call of Duty Operations x2
    Rainbow Six Operations x1
    Rocket League Operations x1
    Internal Competitions Assistants
    News Teams Assistants
    Media Assistants
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  2. The Green One

    The Green One Lord Commander, Welsh Division

    Congratulations all!
  3. Ricco


    Thank you Lord Commander
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  4. Congratulations everyone else who got a job :D

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